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Post-Covid19 safety, health

Post-Covid19 safety, health

Post-Covid19 safety, health and holidays according to Lindbergh Hotels & Resorts
Are you thinking about a holiday in one of the Lindbergh Hotels & Resorts group's properties? I suppose you are wondering what a holiday in an extraordinary season like this will be like.
A holiday is wellness, pleasure, relaxation by the sea or in the city. To keep offering you this, we have revolutionized our work! So far, there are few indications from the authorities. We started to get organized. Some changes will be possible if we are given further directions.
We monitor daily updates from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Italian Institute of Health in order to adopt suggested safety protocols in our Hotels & Resorts.

Our first concern is the well-being and safety of our guests and employees in all circumstances.


In response to the uncertainties caused by the Covid-19 emergency, we have set up a special cancellation policy that we hope will encourage those who dream of booking a holiday with Lindbergh Hotels and Resorts.

Free cancellation, with no penalty, up to 24 hours from your arrival.

To thank all who desire to plan a holiday in one of the properties of the Lindbergh Hotels & Resorts group, despite the uncertainty caused by the Covid 19 emergency, we have decided to extend throughout the summer 2021 the special cancellation policy as we hope it can give you the serenity you deserve and let you book a holiday with Lindbergh without worries.

With the policy #BookwithoutWorries, your reservation can be canceled up to 24 hours before your arrival.
The following policy is valid for bookings confirmed for summer 2021.

Without asking for pre-payments or deposits, the payment of the stay will be made upon your arrival at the hotel.
At the time of booking you will only be asked for a credit card as guarantee and for the balance of the reservation at check in.

Let's restart together and travel in Italy.

For subsequent cancellations, no-show at the hotel will be charged the amount equal to the entire stay.


All Lindbergh Hotels & Resorts employees have been given detailed guidelines and specific cleaning, hygiene and sanitization measures were taken in all our facilities with the aim of working safely and providing safe and clean environments for our guests and all staff.

Task Force and new ANTI-COVID procedures for our staff

A special ANTI-COVID Task Force was set up within the staff in order to assist all staff to comply with ANTI-COVID 19 regulations; all staff will be adequately trained in preventive hygiene practices against COVID-19. Each employee will receive a daily ANTI-COVID kit according to his professional role which will ensure the performance of his work in total safety for the total daily hours; undergo a serological test every 20 days; be asked to check their temperature before leaving their homes for work and not to come to work in the event of values that do not comply with regulations. Upon arrival at the Hotel, the body temperature of each employee will be screened and recorded before entering the Hotel.

All back-house areas will be equipped with sanitizing gel.

At least 5 PRO COVID – 19 protection kits will always be available at the reception desk.
These kits include:
  • FFP2 mask
  • Face shield
  • Gloves
  • Protective apron
  • Disposable full-body long-sleeved coverall
  • Disposable shoe covers
  • Disinfectant
  • Multi-surface germicidal wipes
  • Disposable biohazardous waste bag.


In the event that an alleged COVID case is found among guests, we shall immediately:
  • inform local healthcare authorities;
  • have the guest wear: mask, glasses, disposable coverall and gloves;
  • direct the guest to his or her own room in order to avoid any contact with others;
  • close the room and air it out;
  • disconnect air conditioning, if possible;
  • provide the guest with sealed bags where he or she can throw any tissue or personal hygiene material used.

Staff members who have come into contact with the guest shall:
  • wash their hands and face with a hydroalcoholic solution;
  • pay attention to all body surfaces that may have come into contact with the guest or with the liquid substances produced by him or her.

Staff members who assist guests with suspected symptoms of COVID shall:
  • wear the personal protection equipment referred to above;
  • wash their hands with a hydroalcoholic solution immediately after having come into contact with the guest and avoid coming into contact with other people before washing their hands.

The common areas shall be sanitized in a timely manner.


In the event that a staff member reports having COVID symptoms, the Management shall:
  • immediately require the staff member to stay at home;
  • thoroughly sanitize the areas frequented by the staff.

In both events, surface sanitization activities shall be carried out using water and 0.1% chlorine solutions or water and 70% alcohol solutions. All textiles shall be washed separately from other linen, at a temperature of 90^ and with the addition of detergent.
Sanitization operations shall be carried out by staff equipped with complete protective devices and, subsequently, both cleaning material and protective devices shall be placed in separate bags and disposed of as special waste.


The following procedures will be adopted in order to respect social distancing and avoid the gatherings:
  • check-in stations will be separated from the check-out stations on days with high number of arrivals and departures;
  • online check-in systems will be developed and implemented;
  • guests will be asked to send a copy of their scanned ID by email in order to speed up the check-in and registration procedure;
  • entry and exit routes to and from the reception area will be clearly defined and marked out;
  • the entrance to each reception will have:
    • a sign that illustrates basic hygiene procedures;                                                             
    • a disposable glove dispenser;
    • a photocell disinfectant dispenser;
    • all guests will pass through a Thermo scanner that will allow us to check the body temperature of those entering our Hotel.
  • The minimum distance to be maintained in the event of queues will be marked on the floor of each reception;
  • Each desk will be equipped with transparent Plexiglas that will allow a clear separation between the guest and the receptionist;
  • Again, in order to avoid gatherings among the number of people waiting to check-in, other waiting customers will access an App that will alert them when it is their turn and, in the meantime, they will be hosted in the public areas;
  • The entrance to the elevators must be single or at most only for the same family unit and the push-button panel of elevators will be sanitized periodically;
  • Parking must be carried out by the car owner. If this is not possible, the parking attendant must wear gloves, mask and ventilate the car before parking it;
  • Every single item given to the guest will be previously sanitized and sanitized again when returned;

The ANTI-COVID TASK FORCE will monitor compliance with the rules


Our rooms are always sanitized before the arrival of our guests and we will continue to do so with greater care. All spaces and what are touched more often such as elevator buttons and handles are sanitized several times every day.

The sanitization procedures will be intensified in detail as follows:
  • there will photocell disinfectant gel dispensers at appropriate distances in all public areas;
  • all public areas will be properly cleaned with products suitable for disinfection;
  • public bathrooms will all be equipped with bactericidal soap and disposable towels or electric dryers;
  • public bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized every two hours by the staff in charge.


All room cleaning staff will be equipped with PPE in compliance with current regulations:
  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • Hair cap
Room cleaning will be carried out in two different procedures:

OCCUPIED ROOMS: the cleaning procedure will be the standard one provided for by the company protocol;
ROOMS DUE OUT: the room will be sanitized with appropriate and certified products.

In both cases, cleaning will cover all surfaces in contact with the guests
Guests' PPE will be disposed of separately.
All surfaces will be cleaned with specific products and with disposable material or treated with 2% sodium hypochlorite
The mini-bar and products in the rooms due out will be sanitized too
All amenities, where present, will be periodically cleaned and for rooms due out, sanitized


All reception areas and the Lobby area will be ventilated, cleaned and sanitized periodically (at intervals of two hours maximum). Surfaces most in contact with the hands will be sanitized continuously.


When the system is switched off, cleaning and sanitization will be carried out according to the procedures in compliance with the HACCP regulations.
The ventilation grilles will be periodically sanitized with clean cloths humidified with a concentration of 75% ethyl alcohol products.

The ANTI-COVID TASK FORCE will monitor compliance with the rules.


we pamper you with the most suitable service in our restaurants from breakfast to dinner. All our catering areas, whether indoor or outdoor, offer ample space to properly distance tables from each other.

In addition to the normal PPE, the following ANTI-COVID devices will also be delivered to the catering services staff:
  • Surgical mask
  • Splash guard mask
  • Latex gloves
  • Apron
  • Hair cap
All surfaces will be sanitized continuously. The workstations will be organized in such a way that the workers never work against each other and, in any case, all workers will be equipped with surgical mask and splash guard mask, both strictly personal and in quantities that allow replacement in compliance current regulations.

Buffet served

The catering service in the structures that provided the buffet or mixed service in the PRE-COVID phase will maintain this service with the transformation from self-service buffet to buffet served.
Meals will be served with a double shift at the restaurant in order to ensure the minimum spacing required. The restaurant’s closing time will also be delayed by 30 minutes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

At the entrance of the restaurant, there will be stands with:
  • Sanitizing gel
  • Disposable gloves
Each guest entering the restaurant will have their body temperature checked by a scanner thermometer. Buffets with a transparent Plexiglass will be set up inside the restaurant.

Access and exit routes to the restaurant and access to the buffet will be marked out on the floor and adhesive strips will be placed to ensure compliance with safety distances.

All areas of the restaurant including tables and chairs will be thoroughly sanitized between shifts.

The ANTI-COVID TASK FORCE will monitor compliance with the rules

Table service

The waiters will serve Guests with Individual Protections for table service in compliance with the law. The menus will be sanitized before being delivered to the guest.
The tables will be distributed throughout the restaurant at set distances.  The tablecloth will be replaced upon each guest change.
All areas of the restaurant including tables and chairs will be thoroughly sanitized between shifts.

The ANTI-COVID TASK FORCE will monitor compliance with the rules

Room service

Room service will be provided in disposable, hermetically sealed containers. Meals will be prepared in the kitchen by staff and transferred via trolleys to the guest's rooms.
The trolley will be carried to the front door of the room by the waiter equipped with personal protective equipment.

Take-away service:

The take-away service will be carried out through hermetically sealed containers that are normally suitable for take-away.
Meals will be delivered directly to the guest by the restaurant staff equipped with personal protective equipment.

The Bar

At the entrance to the bar, there will be:
  • Stand with sanitizer
  • Disposable gloves
The bar counter will be equipped with Plexiglass and staff equipped with:
  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Hair cap
Entrance to the bar will be limited and stripes will be placed on the ground to make people stand apart inside the bar. Orders from bar guests will be processed through the use of disposable tableware. The tables outdoors will be placed at appropriate distances. Access to the restaurant terrace will be limited to seats only.

The ANTI-COVID TASK FORCE will monitor compliance with the rules


Our Resort boast the privilege of being inside an unparalleled natural oasis and those who know us know it. Our large equipped beaches will allow you to place beach umbrellas at the right distance and all the large outdoor public areas such as gardens, terraces or the swimming pool area will facilitate an optimal allocation of guests on holiday.


The access area will be separated from the exit area
At the entrance to the beach, there will be:
  • Gloves
  • Sanitizing gel
Sunbeds and beach umbrellas will be placed at distances in compliance with law and will be sanitized every day at:
  • 08:00am
  • 1:30pm
  • 6:30pm
Beach activities will be carried out in compliance with the rules; SPORTS: only those in compliance with the regulations. BATH IN WATER: only as intended.


All entertainment staff will be fully trained in ANTI-COVID 19 precautionary procedures and systems. All entertainers will be equipped with Anti-Covid 19 Devices.

Sports activities will be limited only to sports that allow appropriate spacing such as:
  • Beach tennis
  • Beach soccer
  • Bowling
  • Table tennis
  • Table football
  • Tennis

Several activities will be carried out simultaneously in order to avoid gatherings.


Only activities that allow appropriate spacing in extremely large environments will be carried out:
  • Acqua-gym in the sea
  • Gymnastics on the beach or in extremely large spaces
  • Group dances with the respect to safety distances


Will the Mini Club be available this summer (children from 4 to 14 years old)? We still do not know how possible it will be. What we do know is that we will protect our children.
Activities will be carried out by dividing the children into groups. The maximum number of each group will be 6 children.
Outdoor spaces will be used mainly and activities will be carried out in different areas in order to avoid crossovers and mix-ups.


All evening shows will be done in the open air in order to ensure appropriate spacing, several areas will be used simultaneously and more activities will always be proposed.

The ANTI-COVID TASK FORCE will monitor compliance with the rules


Access area will be separated from the exit area.
The pool water will be treated with 0.2 % chlorine solution and the presence of chlorine will be constantly monitored by an electronic injection control unit.
Sunbeds and beach umbrellas will be placed at appropriate distances in compliance with the law.
Entrance to the swimming pool will be restricted in order to ensure compliance with the safety distances.
Beach activities will be carried out in the afternoon in order to avoid gatherings.
Sunbeds and beach umbrellas will be sanitized every day at:
  • 08:00am
  • 1:30pm
  • 6:30pm
Pool activities will be carried out in compliance with the rules; SPORTS: only those in compliance with the regulations. BATH IN WATER: only in a regulated way.


All spa staff will be extensively trained on ANTI-COVID regulations and procedures. Work shifts will be organized in an appropriate way considering the demand by dividing into groups and avoiding gatherings

All SPA operators will be equipped with anti-Covid devices such as:
  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • Lab coat
  • Splash guard mask

Spa Entrance – Reception

At the entrance to the Spa, there will be:
  • Gloves
  • Sanitizing gel
No guest may enter the SPA without wearing gloves and a mask. The body temperature of each guest will be checked using a scanner thermometer.
The SPA reception will be equipped with transparent Plexiglass panels; the reception desk will be constantly sanitized as well as the environments of the wellness centers.
Contact less payments will be preferred and the use of cash will be avoided as much as possible.

Changing rooms and lockers

The entrance to the locker room will be allowed only to people who are not guests and only to one person at a time.
The changing rooms and lockers will be constantly sanitized. The entrance areas will be separated from exit routes where possible.

Wetland area

At the entrance to the wetland area, there will be:
  • Gloves
  • Sanitizing gel
Access to the wetland area will be restricted in compliance with the rules of spacing and the environment will be constantly sanitized. Any swimming pool or jacuzzi will be treated with 0.2 % chlorine solution and the presence of chlorine will be constantly monitored by an electronic injection control unit.

Treatment rooms

At the entrance of each treatment room, there will be:
  • Gloves
  • Sanitizing gel
Each operator must:
  • Wear a surgical mask
  • Wear a splash guard mask
  • Wear a lab coat before each treatment
  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after treatment
At the end, each treatment room will be thoroughly sanitized.

The ANTI-COVID TASK FORCE will monitor compliance with the rules.


At the entrance to the gym, there will be:
  • Gloves
  • Sanitizing gel
Access to the gym will be restricted in compliance with the rules of distancing and the gym hall will be constantly sanitized and made available upon appointment only to hotel guests.

We would like to emphasize that all our work tools will be sterilized through cold sterilization using a broad-spectrum, safe, non-toxic and biodegradable Antimicrobial Medical Device.


It's time to think about how much you will enjoy your holiday in one of Lindbergh Hotels & Resorts facilities!


For Nautilus: the highest (28 meters) and greenest wooden hotel in Europe. Naturally insulating and coming from forests with controlled regrowth, the wood used for the construction of Hotel Nautilus (788 cubic meters) was processed in laminated panels and assembled using only water-based glues. The result is a solid but flexible building with optimal humidity values and a load-bearing structure that can withstand fire longer and better than traditional reinforced concrete. In addition to robustness, there are also advantageous energy saving values in respect of environmental sustainability, a value to which we have always been particularly sensitive especially for a hotel that must maintain ideal air conditioning throughout the year. The natural insulating power of the wood in this case, minimizes the use of air conditioning in summer and heating in winter thereby maintaining optimal humidity values in each area of the building and reduces consumptions as well as environmental pollution.


The J Hotel opened in November 2019 and is equipped with special environmental and surface sanitization equipment that were installed to ensure a healthy environment protected from contamination by bacteria, coronavirus, mold, VOCs, allergen germs such as dust mites, odor load control. In fact, we received a certificate of environmental sanitization and air ducts in the quality of sanitized air even before the spread of Covid-19 confirming our group's sensitivity to preserving the health and safety of the environment and people. The maintenance of these systems is carried out periodically by certified companies.

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